Enjoy a Sand Milieu with a Sand Bike

These Bicycles was originated in 08 by a keen bike rider who got weary of sauntering a mile down a sand to the favorite surf break. Therefore, he decided to grow another method of transport that could be capable to take him around. Nothing occurred in the bazaar except standard subject mountain bikes that did not effectively get a job done meanwhile sand managed to be easier than a mountain terrain. So with it came an idea for a novel line of the sand bike having fat tires that are unlike whatever anyone else had ever met before. Without a preceding career in a bicycle commerce, the creator of this bicycle designed what is recognized today as “Fat Bike for Sand” deprived of some pre-dispositions as to exactly how things stood supposed to be prepared. Like the starters, placing super wide, 26” x 4” mammoth wheels and the tires that nearly “floats” on sand – even the soft sand – without vigor wasting spinning of one’s wheels (literally!).

Suits Every Terrain
Since wheels dictated a moderately large footprint, a fork and frame needed to be robust but light and bikes need to have multi-speed selections to make it comfortable to ride in fair about any situations. Best it all off having stainless steel and sealed components to battle the salt air and water, and a person have a row of bikes which is bullet-proof and tremendously fun and comfortable to ride. And while fat tire sand bike are initially intended for sand, mainly Fat Bikes of Sand were equally at domestic in virtually some terrain – they could ride and present anywhere one want to go: Sand, Trails, Snow or Street. In fact, further making it cool to navigate over all kinds of rough terrain; mainly Fat sand bike is probably the highly comfortable and effectual street bike or commuter one will ever ride. Mainly long wide tires and wheelbase provide a very stable platform.

Comes with New Features

So once a prototype was created and even tested with such new concept of fat tire bike, mainly painstakingly operated to find best partners in the commerce to produce a bike to the stringent superiority standards. And since many components were sole to a Fat sand bike, they have been unproved and special processes and tooling, that were novel to the bike business, have been made. Today, many unique components and features of fat tire bike were in the procedure of being initiated into other cutting-edge items soon to be presented by these bikes. So what all such mean? At net result, is what one like to call most multipurpose bike one will ever possess – mainly sand bike. And even, step ahead and acquire sand in locations it normally is not supposed to go – one can wash bike later. Enjoy every Mother Nature that has to propose on this Fat Bike! There is no improved way to travel miles on sand then with the Fat bike for Sand, evade the traffic on street and relish an attractive bike ride along sand.

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Sand Bike
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